Web-form filing

Offers applicants and representatives the opportunity to upload and submit Annex F-compliant PDFs related to

  • PCT/RO/101 (RO-EPO) - request
  • PCT RO-EPO subsequent filed documents
  • PCT ISA-EPO subsequent filed documents
  • PCT IPEA subsequent filed documents
  • EP 1001 - Request for grant of a European patent
  • Euro-PCT 1200 - Entry into the European phase
  • EP subsequent filed documents with the exception of opposition, limitation and revocation proceedings (Articles 99 to 105c EPC) and of appeal proceedings (Articles 106 to 112a EPC).

The service is provided via a secure internet connection. Users will receive an acknowledgement of receipt, including the application number assigned to new EP and PCT applications.On occasion there may be a delay assigning an application number. If this is the case then an updated acknowledgement will be send as soon as we have allocated the application number.